Welcome to Connect Plus

Connect yourself to the world now because “time is money” Connect Plus is a team made of our Partners, based anywhere in the world. We have correspondents with numerous offices in every Country. We are your money transfers service provider based in London, who aim to offer an excellent services to everyone.

Here, at Connect Plus we have developed a very efficient and ‘dynamic’ atmosphere to give you a unique formula: Plus in sending money, in Reliability, in Swiftness and Customer service.
Connect Plus is a limited company established since 2005 in London and has been expanded very rapidly making money transfers to Latin America and Europe due to its efficiency and optimum customer service.

We have installed an up to date information and telecommunication system and database in order to process and send your transactions quickly to you destination, advanced skills in the money transfer business, always ready to offer you a prompt and reliable service every time you need it.

Our Mission

Connect Plus aim is to make quick and hassle-free connections between our clients and their recipients abroad. Connect Plus focuses on managing each transaction in an immediate, secure and friendly way. In order to accomplish that, we aim to establish close and transparent relationship with our clients.

In addition, our mission is to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

What we do

  • Bank Transfers.

  • Send and Receive Money.

  • Foreign Currency Exchange.

Why Chose Us

  • 100% Secure.

  • Easy Process.

  • Worldwide Money Transfer.

  • Compatible Rates